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The prayer for deliverance and exorcism n° 6

The attacks against the Church by the devil

Acts of the colloquium of Banneux 2009

couverture livret 6 Summary

Preface p.5
  1. The anti-Pentecost devil p.7 - Father Paul-Marie, c.s.j.

  2. The structures of sin p.45 - Father Samuel, c.s.j.

  3. The action of the devil in the life of Yvonne-Aimée de Jesus p.87 - Father Laurentin

  4. Baal, the enemy of the Church p.141 - Father Pascal, c.s.j.

  5. The attacks of the devil coming from outside the Church p.179 - Father Verlinde

  6. The attacks of the devil coming from inside the Church p.203 - Father Verlinde

  7. Satanic tendencies in France p.229 - Jacky Cordonnier

Summary :

      The fundaments of the scriptures and the magisterium show what the devil aims at above all in the mystery of the Church (I) and how he goes about it by suggesting a worldly spirit and some structures of sin (II). We heard a historical example of the attack against the Church by the devil through his struggle against an immanent member : mother Yvonne Aimée de Jesus (III). The devil himself reveals during an exorcism practiced by one of us, his tactic in order to destroy the Church (IV). At last the infiltrations of the Evil one are evident to those who are attentive and perspicacious (V and VI). The government itself is fighting sects and in particular satanic sects (VII).

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The prayer of deliverance and exorcism n°5

Les attaques du démon contre l'homme

Acts of the colloquy of Czetokowa 2007

couverture livret 5 Summary

  1. The Gender revolution. G. Kuby

  2. Occultism in the XXIst century Father O. Pennesi

  3. Present day access to occultism. Diagnostic and a few examples of the entry doors. Father A. Posacki.

  4. Charisms in the ministry of deliverance. Father M. Piatkowski.

  5. Occultism : a strategy of the devil? Father P.-M. de Mauroy

  6. Mary, Mother of God and the ministry of deliverance. Father J. Davies

184 p.

Summary of the back cover :

      Thanks to modern means of communication, we know how rapidly the kingdom of darkness spreads among people : burnt churches, profaned cemeteries, children kidnapped, etc... etc... The esoterism of the past has produced occult practices that have developed within a great number of practices known to be doubtful, not to say clearly bad, such as spiritism, magic etc...

      Today, they have metamorphosed and hidden themselves behind other names within more honorable or apparently more inoffensive activities of the world. How can we enlighten people concerning these activities, a lot of which propose a philanthropic end? Our association, the I.A.D. (International Association for Deliverance) has reflected upon the present difficulties denouncing the devil's attacks : from the law of Gender which touches humanity in a fundamental way to the cult of Satan, treating, along the way, activities pretending to be philanthropic. Concrete means proven helpful have been proposed and experimented.

Father Paul-Marie, c.s.j. Extract of the introduction.      

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The prayer of deliverance and exorcism n°4

Witchcraft in Africa

Actes of the colloquy in Yaounde 2006

couverture livret 4 Summary

Preface by Bishop Bakot

  1. Introduction fr Paul Marie

  2. Deliverance : current and necessary fr Tsala

  3. Discernment fr Paul Marie

  4. An African problem fr Paul Marie

  5. The priest opposite possession fr Gilbert Dagnon

  6. Exorcism versus new challenges and witchcraft P. Pamphile

Extract from the introduction

      "This new I.A.D. colloquy was held at the request of the archbishop of Yaounde, His Excellence Bishop Tonye Bakot. He wanted to examine the question of witchcraft with the Christians of the diocese, in order to avoid unnecessary fears and at the same time promote a greater lucidity through a simple discernment. The subject is ordinarily taboo. People are afraid to talk about it and yet they have a lot of questions to ask. People suffer a lot from it.

      This is why we have undertaken this discussion, with a few exorcists from African dioceses, especially from Cameroon, Benin, Togo and the Kinshasa Congo, members of our association."

P. Paul-Marie, c.s.j.      

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The prayer of deliverance and exorcism n° 3


Acts of the colloquy at Fatima 2005

couverture livret 3 Introduction fr Paul Marie, c.s.j.

  1. Truth will set you free fr Paul Marie, c.s.j.

  2. Medium-nity fr Paul Marie, c.s.j.

  3. The fathers of the Church fr Marie Bernard, c.s.j.

  4. The experts in praenotenda and discernment of spirits fr Fontelle

  5. Youth culture and satanism fr Domergue

  6. Initiation p. Verlinde

  7. The intention of God and divine permission p. Morand

  8. Discernment and mystics fr Pascal, c.s.j.

A few extracts from the Preface:

« The fundamental mission of the Church, in this in-between era, is to separate the reality of the action of Satan from phenomena of another sort, and to recognize each case of this satanic action » (Conference of the bishops of Toscane, Magic and demonology, Pastoral letter 1994).

« The present reflection seeks to explore the question of discernment. First of all, in order to see the intention of the Church, one must ask what is to be discerned... Can this discernment be made outside the intention of God as to mankind? »

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The prayer of deliverance and exorcism n°2

Confronting the present day challenges of the devil

Acts of the European colloquy in Hochaltigen 2003


couverture livret 2 Introduction fr Paul Marie, c.s.j.

  1. Today's new forms of spiritism fr Posacki, c.s.j.

  2. Views on initiation Fr Verlinde

  3. The attacks of the devil, today's challenges ? fr Paul Marie, c.s.j.

  4. Exorcism, sacramental of divine mercy fr Pascal, c.s.j.

  5. The influence of the voodoo cult. Its practices and their consequences. A path of deliverance J. Pliya

  6. A few pieces of practical advice fr Buob

A few extracts from the introduction:

« Our world is developing unceasingly. Science has enabled us to make enormous progress, yet paradoxically we see a regain of interest in the occult, in the paranormal and in all forms of magic that contrast with the seriousness of scientific procedure. Man is seeking his well-being in opposite directions and, not finding it, he despairs instead of asking himself the question of the meaning of this... While those who are engaged in a ministry of direct battle against evil are noting these facts, it is good to try to identify the elements of the devil's strategy, he who as the principle of evil unfurls under different forms his artifices, which however are marked by his own invariables... Finally, we must ask ourselves the question: Through what eyes do we look in the ministry of deliverance? What is a look of mercy? »

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The prayer of deliverance and exorcism n° 1

Acts of the colloquy in Banneux 2001

Summary :

couverture livret 1 Preface

I   The Church's intentions over the ministry of exorcism and deliverance

  1. Why does the ministry of deliverance exist ? Fr Paul Marie, c.s.j.
  2. Inner healing, a path of sanctity fr Pascal, c.s.j.
II   Discernment

  1. The means of discerning fr Bertrand, c.s.j.
  2. Helps for discerning fr. Misson, c.s.j.
III   The work of liberation
  1. A work of mercy fr. Morand
  2. The spiritual combat fr. Dagnon

In homage to John Paul II fr. Chenesseau

A few excerpts from the Preface :

« The popularizing of occult practices, its rapid propagation to youth, means an ever increasing demand for help in order to liberate people. Some charismatic groups and new communities are attempting to answer this new challenge. »

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