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The official site of the Vatican.


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Father Paul-Marie de Mauroy

A selection of videos about the main obstacles to deliverance.

Jean-Regis Fropo

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Père Jean-Regis Fropo

Father Jean-Regis Fropo, exorcist.

Site for information and help for persons who believe they have problems originating in the supernatural, warnings against certain potentially dangerous practices. Different information: angels, prayers... a forum of mutual help has been set up.

An excellent and very complete bibliography on line.

This site has two objectives :
First of all, it wishes to help Christians to position themselves with regard to the questions raised by the New Age, and to dispose of the necessary elements giving them the discernment of the Church. More widely, it wishes to proclaim to all men the path to Salvation in Jesus Christ, proposing dialogue to those who are seeking God along paths that God did not prepare for them : naturalist mystics, the arcanes of esotericism, occultism or spiritism.

This site contains a complete file on occultism.

"Meeting God and discovering his Love in our daily lives"
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"NETPRODEO LUMIERE (spécial occulte)"
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The referencer of the best French-speaking Catholic sites

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