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The colloquys of the I.A.D.

The colloquy at Our Lady of Laus :

      Together with Bishop Lagrange of Gap, a few priest who are exorcists meet to reflect upon the ministry of deliverance. This colloquy lasted three days with about 15 participants. The themes treated were mostly deliverance in the Scriptures.

The colloquy at Banneux : January 2001

      The French I.A.D. met at the sanctuary of Our Lady of Banneux on the question of exorcism and deliverance. Around 30 participants attempted during three days to elaborate a theology of the prayer of liberation by considering deliverance as a mercy granted by Jesus to his Church.
      This mercy needs to be seen in the light of the good in view of which it is given. This is why, first of all, the reflection centered on the intention of Christ and of the Church in this ministry, then in this light, on discernment, and finally on the term mercy, liberation.

The colloquy at Hochaltingen : July 2003

      The French I.A.D. met with the anglo-German speaking I.A.D. in Bavaria to reflect on the attacks of Satan today. It is impossible to cover the whole field on this subject, that is why we selected spiritism, initiatory rites, and Vodou. A coverage of the response of the Church to these attacks was given.

The colloquy at Fatima : July 2005

      The French I.A.D. met at the sanctuary of Fatima to reflect upon discernment. It appeared necessary to carry out this reflection in face of the challenges by Satan pointed out in the preceding colloquy.
      All occult practices suppose a particular state of the person who practices them, called "mediumnity". This discernment of this state was examined. After that, we turned to the teaching of the Church, through the Church Fathers and Canon Law. Before concluding with a view on mystical wisdom, we had a look at a few more challenges like initiations and youth culture.

The colloquy in Yaounde : July 2006

      The French I.A.D. met in the capital of Cameroon at the request of Bishop Bakot in order to help Christians keep from giving in to fear or despair in face of African sorcery.
      After a general conference reminding us of the dangers of a lack of determination and commitment in Christian life, we sought to understand this phenomena of fear and suspicion of the "country's practices". It became clear that the hyper-sensitivity or mediumnity that had been studied by us in the preceding colloquy and that are very often found in Africans, is the cause of an error of discernment. After that, we listened to an African exorcist who spoke to us of states of possession and of sorcery.

The colloquy in Czestochowa : July 2007

      As in 2003, the French and Anglo-German speaking I.A.D. in Poland, this time at the Sanctuary of Czestochowa. We were 320 participants among which were 9 speakers, explaining how to help people of good will to avoid being seduced by occult practices, especially certain therapies presented as quite efficient and how to help them free themselves of these practices.

Banneux colloquium 2009

      « Our Lady of the poor » recieved us for our four-day colloquium on « The devil's attacks against the Church ». The fourteen conferences whic marked out our course emphasised the permeability and vulnerability of the Church with regard to the struggles it endures with the adversary. The outcome of this colloque was, however, a message of Hope. A total of 50 people attended.

Lomé colloquium: August 2009

      The Episcopal conference of Togo asked us to organize this conference for the formation of their country's charismatic renewal at the request of the national shepherd. The topic (« deliverance ») was very general in order to be able to approach the essential aspects of this ministry. During these five days, attended by 350 people (mainly from the renewal and with 45 priests and a bishop), we were able, with a team of 8 African and French exorcists from our association, to deal with the points which are absolutely central to deliverance. It was a very enriching and very fraternal experience.

Bologna colloquium : July 2013

      The french speaking members of the IAD came together from 1st to 4th July 2013 in Bologna, Italy, at the Veritatis Splendor Institute, for a new formation colloquium on the theme "Justice and Mercy in the guidance of the suffering"
How to cooperate with the work of Divine Economy in the guidance of the suffering when their suffering is accute and the help offered sometimes restricted by the brevity of meetings with them? Together we attempted to approach the mystery of Divine Economy and to learn from Christ and the Church through philosophical, theological and pastoral perspectives.

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